Merrimack Analysis Group

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Merrimack Analysis Group (MAG) offers two primary services: (1) We work with individual clients to assess the ways their online identities portray themselves to the outside world, and then offer strategies to optimize that portrayal; and (2) We work with institutional clients, to include corporations, schools, libraries, senior citizens’ organizations, and parent groups, to brief them on the latest trends in the world of online identity and online security.

We are currently developing the SCRAPE software application, a cloud-based, collaborative utility that combines automated data retrieval with subjective analysis to enable individuals to see their complete *online self.*

We are also writing a book, titled Great Caesar’s Ghost: Separating Fact from Fiction in a Virtual World, which will be published in 2014.

MAG is proud to announce that we were winners in the Summer 2013 Accelerator run by the Merrimack Valley Sandbox. Feel free to contact us at any time. 2013 Finalist Logo
You can also find us on Google+.
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